A novel technology that has been tested and proven to protect both surfaces and people.

"We cannot continue treating the world with harmful chemicals when we have superior alternatives."

The traditional mode of action to combat transmission of harmful microorganisms on hand, skin and surfaces is to attack the germs with toxic and poisonous chemicals. These toxins are most often composed of alcohols, bleaches and acids, and are designed to target and destroy a microbe's outer membrane resulting in a “chemical kill”. Studies have continuously shown how antimicrobial biocides are toxic compounds that pose harm to humans, plants and animals.

microSURE™ we are changing all of this with our novel technology, which scientists have stated is both 'planet friendly and effective'! Studies have proven that this technology has the ability to last far longer than other products in the market, with an unmatched durability in terms of withstanding abrasion and providing protection.

microSURE's™ products are different. We have created a technology that is beyond the traditional short term chemical approach. When a given surface is coated or treated with microSURE™ an immense number of crystalline-like structures begin forming and bonding (with the underlying substrate), effectively forming a 'newly modified surface' that is hostile to the cells of a biothreat. This newly mechanically modified surface prevents adhesion, disrupts microbial communication and prohibits colonization, reproduction and proliferation.


microSURE™ Sanitizer kills germs on contact and leaves a barrier the stays locked in place. It’s gentle anti-microbial formula is effective in protecting against most common germs and bacteria.

Hand & Skin Sanitizer

When applied to your hands and skin microSURE™ Hand Sanitizer & Skin Protectant provides barrier protection against a huge range of harmful pathogens. Our revolutionary new formula is completely free from harmful chemicals, free from alcohol, free from fragrance and is non-toxic. Plus, it has been lab tetsed and proven to provide ongoing bio protection for up to 8 hours. To extend protection simply reapply as needed.

Crystal Clean
Laundry Addative

Harmful micro-organisms can effortlessly invade various textiles, placing individuals at risk for infection and contamination. By using MicroSURE™ Laundry Solution when washing textiles there is a significant decreased risk for unwanted attachment of microorganisms. Studies have proven a persistent efficacy that lasts up to 75 commercial washes depending on the material of the textile.

microSURE™ Si
Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

microSURE™ Si is an EPA registered antimicrobial and provides a protective finish that bonds to the surface, not destroyed by normal daily cleaning or disinfecting. It continues to protect your surfaces against germs, mold, and mildew for 30 to 90 days, depending on surface use.


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