Why is microSURE™ different?

microSURE™ was developed to deliver long lasting protection. Our unique IP technology allows for our solutions to protect continuously, and years’ worth of studies have proven that this protection remains effective for extended periods of time, even when faced with abrasion and stress.

What is needed is a smart surface treatment that is constantly protecting us!

The microSURE™ approach to combating pathogens is very different than your traditional one. We have created a novel surface technology that removes the need for ongoing repeated disinfectant treatment. microSURE™ can be safely applied to any hard or soft surface using modern application methods such as electrostatic spraying. Once dry, our water-based solution has the ability to create a new mechanically modified surface which aids in the prevention of adhesion, disrupts microbial communication and prohibits colonization, reproduction and proliferation. microSURE™ stays in place long after you apply it!

1 - Personal Protection

In common with accepted global healthcare and government guidelines person to person transmission still represents the greatest threat. We are following guidelines for social distancing, washing our hands and wearing face masks.

2 - Sanitizing Surfaces

We know that pathogens can survive on surfaces for prolonged periods of time and thus represents a potential source of infection from surface to humans.

We do not believe the current approach of sanitizing the world with dangerous chemicals is sustainable. microSURE goes far beyond these methods and their short term sanitizing effects.

3 - Surface Protection

We have created an environmental coating solution which is fatal to a wide variety of pathogens. Our microSURE™ technology delivers a long-lasting week after week, month after month, surface protection solution.


15 Years in development

microSURE™ is the unique result of a 15-year-long research and development process by our group of experts in the field of material science and biotechnology to develop an antimicrobial solution that protects multiple diverse surfaces, including human skin.

How microSURE™ works

When the water-based solution is applied to a surface, it forms a newly modified surface layer on drying that eliminates many bacteria and viruses, providing a new layer of defense.

Planet friendly

microSURE™ adopts a mechanical kill method that does not require toxic chemicals to destroy various types of microorganisms unlike other harsh chemical disinfectants.

Long lasting protection

Unlike alcohol-based sanitizers and ammonium-based infectants, microSURE™’s technology forms a covalent bond on the surface it is applied to, enabling a persistent and long-term protection as compared to common household industrial cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants.